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All rental cars are 100% insured. We deliver cars clean and in great condition. Our vehicle park is growing day by day, with varieties of brands. Different models and colors are added to the park, periodically. You can drive cars in Baku or inside of Azerbaijan. Fastrent is the ideal rent car company you can find in Baku, Azerbaijan.
Fast Rent - Baku - List of all rental cars
Below you can find all rental cars we provide in Baku. Choose the class that you want, in the detail section, get familiar with the vehicle information, and make your Baku car rent reservation. We will contact you for confirmation.
Fast Rent - Baku - List of all econom rental cars
Rental cars at affordable prices will help you to keep your budget. You can go to more places, traveling to places of interest, fulfilling your holiday plans without touching the personal budget. Take one step ahead of the economic Baku rent car. It's time to make your trips happen. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Fast Rent - HYUNDAI ELANTRA (39) - Rent a car in Baku ...
HYUNDAI ELANTRA - Comfort - (39) Rent a car in Baku Cheap prices 35$ If your choise is comfort rental cars in Azerbaijan, below you can find list of
Fast Rent - MERCEDES VIANO (65) - Rent a car in Baku Cheap ...
MERCEDES VIANO - Minivan - (65) Rent a car in Baku Cheap prices 65$ Sometimes you want to go on a long, exciting journey with your corporate colleagues, friend
Fast Rent Baku - Rent with driver in Baku
Rent a car Rental econom cars Rental comfort cars Rental SUV cars Rental minivan cars. Services. Rent a car Transfer Rent a car with driver Azerbaijan's region tours. Info. ... FastRent - Rent a car in Baku [email protected] +994 50 205 99 55. Business hours 10:00 - 19:00 24 hour car rent
Fast Rent Baku - Rent a car in
Why our Baku rent car? We have been working successfully in rent a car in Baku for years and provide our customers with high quality services. We have proved this not only in words but in deeds. The evidence that we have received from our customers, both physical and juridicial persons, is a clear indication of this. Generally, we are ...
Fast Rent Baku - List of Minivan rental cars
Choose the appropriate class of rental car, be informed with the prices, look at cars' pictures, add your comments if necessary and make your order. We will glad if you fill more field. It will help us to prepare your contract and your car more quickly. ... You can make easily reservation on cars in Baku you wish via our website.
Fast Rent - HYUNDAI IX35 (17) - Rent a car in Baku Cheap ...
HYUNDAI IX35 - SUV - (17) Rent a car in Baku Cheap prices 45$ If you want SUV rental cars in Azerbaijan, we offer you the below mentioned vechicles.
Fast Rent Baku - Chauffeur driven rental
You just pay only for rent a car with driver service cost. The remaining costs of the vehicle are handled by us, in order to make your enjoying your trips with Baku chauffeur service . If you have other offers and suggestions regarding driver included rent services, we are ready to answer your questions in 24/7 schedule.